Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hieronymus Bosch - Equivoke (2008)

1. Zero On A Dice
2. Fingerprint Labyrinth
3. Monad Hecatomb
4. Forlorn Luminary
5. Stones And Stocks
6. Tracer Bullet Falling Star
7. Scrupulum
8. Broke
9. Scoffer Tragedian
10. The Mime

Origin - Russia
Style - Progressive Death Metal

" Third album from this most excellent progressive death metal band from Russia "

" These guys bring us a very consistent release, providing inspiration for musicians and showing that you can be progressive without losing good song writing.The album has a quite brutal thick sound, but shows very subtle progressive elements really well. This is because the production is marvellous. Each instrument can be picked out very well, pay close attention to the bass in particular, it's great!If you're tired of all the brutal death metal bands or the predictability of some progressive bands out there. Check this out.I always hear people saying, progressive metal is boring, this proves the opposite "

Phenomenal stuff with some truly amazing riffs, 'Equivoke' recalls an updated, darker version of the most technical albums by bands like Obliveon and Loudblast...&...Theory In Practice

Open Minds Please!.......Go Ahead!

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