Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nocturnus - The Key (1990)

1. Lake of Fire
2. Standing in Blood
3. Visions from Beyond the Grave
4. Neolithic
5. Undead Journey
6. Before Christ/After Death
7. Andromeda Strain
8. Droid Sector
9. Destroying the Manger
10. Empire of the Sands

Origin - USA
Style - Technical Atmospheric Death Metal

" Nocturnus was an American progressive death metal band formed in Tampa, Florida in 1987 by drummer/vocalist Mike Browning (formerly of Morbid Angel). They were known for being unique in the Florida death metal scene because of their science-fiction-themed lyrics (although often combined with typical death metal anti-Christian sentiments), and use of keyboards, both of which were virtually unknown in extreme metal at the time of their formation "

" Science Fiction, Space Traveling, Time Warp, Satanic, Death/ Thrash Metal. What the hell is that, you ask? Why, it can only be Nocturnus.....These boys are definitely one of a kind. With songs like "Visions From Beyond the Grave," "Droid Sector" and Destroying the Manger " they were definitely on the forefront of future Thrash (or future Death, whatever you want to call it). This album contains odd keyboard intros on almost every song, but along with the keyboards are fast, speedy, and technical guitars that make Nocturnus a band of the future and 'The Key' a must for any Tech,Prog Death Metal fan "

This album is totally amazing and a legendary piece of DM history......

Collector Of Souls !..........Get It!

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