Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ignominious Incarceration - Of Winter Born... (2009)

1. Avarice
2. Deeds Of Days Long Gone
3. Elegance In Aggression
4. Saviour
5. Of Winter Born
6. Solitude
7. Dynasty Damnation
8. Tide Of Pestilence
9. In The Face Of Absolution
10. Elusion Of Mortality

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death Metal

"Of Winter Born" is the storming debut from Britain's own Ignominious Incarceration. With a sound fusing powerful modern death metal with an icy melodic edge "

" This band plays a similar style of music like that of Decapitated mixed with the melodic power of Revocation , which incorporates the brutality of traditional death metal and the technical playing of modern metal. Technical rhythms and damn catchy choruses...fused with melodic passages and twin guitars.Vocally: This guy has his shit together....Roaring lows and some mid-range throaty yells "

This one reminds me of last years crop of 'New' Death Metal bands such as Revocation,Deny The Urge etc...Merging various styles into one great record.

I for one...Like It!......I suggest fans of Newer technical and melodic Death Metal check this one out......

Support Your Local Band !.........Get It!

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