Monday, February 23, 2009

My Dying Bride - For Lies I Sire (2009)

1. My Body, A Funeral
2. Fall With Me
3. The Lies I Sire
4. Bring Me Victory
5. Echoes From A Hollow Soul
6. ShadowHaunt
7. Santuario Di Sangue
8. A Chapter in Loathing
9. Death Triumphant

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" 10th full length from the U.K. doomsters "

" For old fans: The violins are back...I always thought this made the band unique and am glad they are back. Now Vocals: Aaron has gone to a more somber clean voice and there is very little growling on this record..(A let Down)As He has one of the best growls in the buisness...There are some gruff parts and almost black metal parts to the vocals..But he has made improvements to the clean voice and does not wail as much "

" Guitars are weeping,Melody driven....Twin harmony machines of grim greyness!..This record feels more dark and depressive than ever before. There are a hell of a lot of different textures to this album and it will take you some time to extract all the feelings here. Plenty of catchy riffs with ear friendly melodies and choruses...."

In an age where so much music sounds the same...I can honestly say: My Dying Bride is an entity unto its own !....Dig Them Or Not...........

Dark Days Ahead !..........Get It!


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