Monday, February 9, 2009

Loudblast - Sublime Dementia (1993)

1. Presumption
2. Wisdom... (Farther On)
3. Turn the Scales
4. About Solitude
5. Subject to Spirit
6. Fire and Ice
7. In Perpetual Motion
8. Fancies
9. Sublime Dementia
10. My Last Journey

Origin - France
Style - Death Metal

" This is loudblast's 3rd release....And an underground classic it is ! "

" Sublime Dementia saw the band delve more into Death Metal than before and put out 9 tracks of heavy, hypnotic and atmospheric death metal.....I say 9 cause...one track has a female soprano singer that sounds sort of cheesy..But none the less this album is crushing ! "

" The aggressiveness of the album is not so much the speed, but the weight of the songs.... The riffs are dark and mid-tempo mostly . And then, we can not forget about drummer, Hervé Coquerel, who controls his drums to perfection and is remarkable in his precision. He does not abuse the double bass and is adept at putting fills where they are needed. The voice of Stéphane Buriez is no stranger either to the sense through which we listen to this album. It is deep and seems straight out of a place we would not visit. And when he decided to try a clear, monotone voice, as it is in the first Supuration album, it drives the point home a little more, creating a real uneasiness in listening "

Sublime Dementia is an album of sublime(Puns a plenty) French Death Metal and should really be discovered by all death metal fans of the Early 90s....

Allez en avant… l'obtiennent !

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  1. If you want to do it the French way says : Allez-y, Choppez le ! (for go get it in french slang)

    a French headbanger !