Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Autopsy - Severed Survival (1989) Reissue (2003)

1. Charred Remains
2. Service for a Vacant Coffin
3. Disembowel
4. Gasping for Air
5. Ridden With Disease
6. Pagan Saviour
7. Impending Dread
8. Severed Survival
9. Critical Madness
10. Embalmed
11. Stillborn
12. Funereality
13. Destined to Fester
14. In the Grip of Winter

Reissued in digipack format in 2003 with three bonus tracks:12-14
Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" This is the utter gutmunching, limbtearing, violently regurgitating death metal, leaving you covered in sores, ridden with disease, gunk-laden and feeling sick debut from Autopsy "

" What else is there to say? If you are a death metal fan and you don't own this, get it now and lie about it to all your friends...telling them how old-skool you are"

This is just essential ! period....

Mauled to Death!....Underworld Hall Of Fame !

Get It!.......

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