Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abramelin - Deadspeak (2000)

1. Pleasures
2. Your Casualty
3. Waste
4. Bleeding Hearts
5. The Germ Factory
6. Flesh Furnace
7. Plague

Origin - Australia
Style - Death Metal

" 2nd (and sadly last) album for the band. There's no one particular band Abramelin sounds like, but they mix all of the sounds of the early 90s death metal pioneers, much in the same way Bloodbath has tried to capture the classic sounds of old school death metal. The production is good, perhaps a tiny bit fuzzy, but the guitar sound is really chunky, the palm muting really slugs your gut. The drums are done with a drum machine, but you may not notice that on your first listen. It's not that the drum sound is particularly organic (it isn't), it's just that the drums were obviously programmed by someone who knows how to write drum music. Many drum machines are setup very simply, with almost no fills, whereas the drumming on this album has all of the fills, tricks and flair of a real drummer (note: I have since been told that drum parts were written by Blood Duster drummer Rizzo) "

" Vocals are midrange growling. The thing that really makes this CD though are the riffs. Every song on the album has at least one riff that just makes me jump out of seat, yell "fuck ya" and then sends me off searching for something to slam into. Spectacular material, it's so sad that the band dissolved after this release. This CD is really hard to find, but it is so worth the money "

Atilla: Go Get It Brother !

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