Monday, February 2, 2009

Gloria Morti - Eryx (2008)

1. Deathstream (Anthologies of Lifestream)
2. Until the Wretched Whimper
3. Phoenix Caged in Flesh
4. Evermorose
5. Prophet of Eosphorus
6. Synthetic Eden
7. The Origins of Sin
8. The Djinnwhisperer
9. Sands of Hinnom
10. Mesopotamia
11. Dreadful Silence

Origin - Finland
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Blackened death metal is what Gloria Morti are all about "

" The band´s 2nd full-lenght opus, Eryx, blows such a hateful manifest of violent and ripping blackened death metal out from the speakers that one's bible must turn to ashes. It´s undoubtedly Behemoth´s name that is brought to the forefront as one listens to this monster. Comparisons aside....Eryx is malicious and also very controlled ala Zyklon...Vocalist Psycho brings both the deathly growl but a snarling black metal scream also "

" The production (largely courtesy of guitar player Juho Räihä, mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvoxx) is staggeringly flawless. The music is unrelenting, but the keyboards (one of the most abused instruments in metal) soar perfectly above the brutality of the guitars and a drum kit that is being pulverised into submission "

To sum up,: Brilliant example of modern melodic Black/death metal. Prodigious amount of musical ability going on for these guys and gal.....

Fan's of Emperor,Zyklon,Behemoth take note !

Life In Black !........Its Back !

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