Monday, February 16, 2009

Trepalium - XIII (2009)

1. Daddy's Happy
2. Glowing Cloud
3. Blink of Time
4. Addicted to Oblivion
5. Inner Hell
6. Unexpectable Lies
7. And Now...
8. Usual Crap
9. Become
10. World Plague
11. Sadistik Peace
12. Fant-Easy Reality

Origin - France
Style - Technical Death Metal

" With the success of bands like Gojira...France has really taken hold of the Death Metal community.... giving notice that they have heavy and original bands to offer ! Trepalium is the next in line to show brutal,catchy,heavy Death Metal to the world "

" The technical abilities of Trepalium and their influences reach further than usual in death metal circles. Here and there a heavy groove is used and also we are regularly treated to ingenious jazzy guitar licks. This results in some great tunes, like ‘Inner Hell’ and ‘Usual Crap’, with the latest song not only sounding very funky but also reflecting progressive sounds. This stuff is infectious and heavy ! "

Trepalium is currently supporting Gojira on tour and this is more than justified given this strong and surprisingly varied technical death metal record. Highly Recommended !!

Through the Absurd !......We Go!........
They Have this.....

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