Sunday, February 8, 2009

Garcharot - Core of Despair (2008)

1. Bringer of the plague
2. With fear and chaos
3. Broken trust
4. Deny the weak
5. Shape of carnage
6. Doomed to fail
7. Core of despair
8. Distorted reality
9. Darkened light
10. Black star
11. Unsatisfied internal pleasure
12. The art of dark desires
13. Butchered orgies
14. Carvings of the carnals
15. Blessedness
16. Holy communion perversities
17. Graveyard rats
18. By the grace of god
19. When the death is real
20. Holy communion perversities

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

Tracks 11-15 are from the demo "The art of dark desires" (1994)
Tracks 16-19 are from the demo "Cradle of sorrow" (1994)
Track 20 is from the compilation CD "Sometimes death is better" (1995)

" Garcharot started in 1990 and play old school Death Metal, as it was custom to do back then. Think of Grave, Morbid Angel, Death, Benediction etc. "

" The ten new songs that form "Core Of Despair" are true and true old school, also in terms of sound. It's rough, unpolished and the compositions certainly don't make you think about anything modern Death Metal-ish. From start to finish you get mostly mid tempo songs, but as was common back in the day you also get variety. And by that I mean in terms of tempo and speed, where the drums play a crucial role. Cool crushing riffs but nary a guitar solo in sight...Vocals are intelligible and easy to follow "

The demos and comp tracks are exactly what you would expect...Pure pounding death metal with a typical production from the era...Actually Quite Good...

20 songs, 77 minutes of pure old school Death Metal and in fact the entire discography of GARCHAROT on one disc....Awesome when bands do this kind of thing ! Core Of Despair" may not be the best Death Metal release ever, but it sure is one for those who long back to the times when Death Metal was big, dark, dangerous and uncompromising.

Old School Still Reigns Supreme !!!

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