Monday, December 1, 2008

Darkcreed - Dark Regions {Ep} (2008)

1. Sinner Mind
2. Hell To Reborn
3. The Unnamed Holy Fake
4. Encoffined
5. Dark Regions
6. Deathless Ones

Origin - Mexico
Style - Death Metal

" Darkcreed are not new in the scene, they almost count 14 years of presence and - except from this disc - they had released two demo tapes, "In The Blackest Eyes" in 1996 and "Spiritual Blindness" in 1999. This debut was recorded in Mexico and Sweden....Old-School Sweden being the main influence "

" The six tracks on this Ep are straight forward, obviously influenced by the Swedish death metal movement of the ‘90s. Do not expect anything fancy, just Groovy , Non-Technical, Mid Tempo Filthy Death Metal....Not a blast in sight folks ! "

" Hearing this for the first time...I immediately thought of early Entombed, Grave and Dismember.....So that can't be all that bad ...can it? If you are looking for an original band, pass this one. If you are looking for a nice old school death metal record, I would recommend to check this out for sure....Pretty Fucken cool !

Festering Slime !........Get It!

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  1. Excellent Stuff!
    Can't get enough of this!!!
    Have been playing this CD to Death!!