Saturday, December 20, 2008

Panzerchrist - Battalion Beast (2006)

1. The Lean Black Cruisers
2. The Gods They Do Not Give Us Long
3. He Is Dead Who Will Not Fight
4. Infants' Graves
5. Weep No More
6. Flame of the Panzerchrist
7. Lumps of Rotting Clay
8. War in the North
9. The Spirit of Soldiers

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death/Black Metal

" Bludgeoning, brutal, blistering and blackened, Battalion Beast, the fifth album from one of Denmark’s more consistent and underrated bands, is an exercise in no nonsense death metal savagery "

" The band is still delivering harsh, fast and brutal death metal, though this time around, like it was the case with the third album "Soul Collector", the band has mixed in a good deal of black metal elements, even more this time around, than it has been the case before, and that does not make the music any weaker. It is especially in the riffing, the black metal elements are most evident, fast, cold, melodic and disharmonic riffs paint a lot of the atmosphere, a cold, dark and nihilistic atmosphere....The vocals from Bo Summer are also well done, we get the, in the case of Panzerchrist, normal dark guttural growl and a more black metal inspired scream, both works very good and adds brutality, evil and sickness to the output "

" The drumming delivered by Reno Kiilerich is as expected from him, fast and relentless, though still displaying a good ear for technical and atmospherically details...Holy Shit this guy is fast !!.......This album fused the best of Brutal Death Metal with the cold and furious black metal riffing to make it one of the top albums in 2006 !

You cannot go wrong with this record !

Violence....Is Good !

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