Saturday, December 27, 2008

Revocation - Summon The Spawn (Ep) 2006

1. Summon The Spawn
2. Unattained
3. Suffer These Wounds

Origin - USA
Style - Technical Death/Thrash Metal

" As far as severely under appreciated New England bands are concerned, Boston’s Revocation are at the very top of the list. Between their three releases as Cryptic Warning and this demo, their first with the new name, the young trio have improved upon their technical death/thrash attack to the point of near perfection. The title track wastes no time with formalities before launching into some seriously twisted swirling riffs with frantic stop-start patterns while still retaining a catchy groove. “Unattained” speeds things up a bit and “Suffer These Wounds” features some killer classic heavy metal leads. The production is top-notch, especially for a demo, and this is a must-listen from a great up and coming band "

" If you have not heard their full-length "Empire Of The Obscene"....I strongly suggest you do so !....One of the top albums from 2008 !...Believe Me...

I usually have to get music like this from Poland,Sweden....Not From my home country......I am excited about Revocation's Potential !..And so should you...

Go On Ahead !....And Get It!

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