Monday, December 15, 2008

Aeon of Horus - The Embodiment of Darkness and Light (2008)

1. 3C321
2. Conquering the Speed of Light
3. The Embodiment: Part One - Of Darkness
4. The Embodiment: Part Two - And Light
5. The Pillars
6. Arrogantly Opposing Reality
7. Icon
8. Heru-Ra-Ha
9. As the Earth Shatters (Intro)
10. As the Earth Shatters

Origin - Australia
Style - Progressive/Technical Death Metal

" Debut from this Aussie Quartet "

" Aeon Of Horus plays a hybrid brand of Technical (as in rhythms)...Progressive (as in soft and loud parts,Acoustics, etc)...Death Metal. This record comes in waves...First Acoustic guitars segueing into complex rhythmic crunching riffs..Deep gruff vocals that fit well and some cool melodic passages where the guitarist really shines "

" These guys are not signed !....It still amazes me to see a band of this quality go unsigned...and a million shitty acts get deals all over the place. But it is cool to see some guys put the hard effort into writing,recording and financing a top-notch record themselves ! "

These guys deserve your attention...So check this out and buy it if you like it !

Fans of Psycroptic all the way to Opeth Could Dig This !

Well..Watcha Waitin For ?.....Get It!


  1. Wow these guys ARE bad ass. Thanks for the up!

  2. Independent artists pour their energy and their own money into creating music. Please consider supporting the band by BUYING the album. That way they can afford to make another album or tour in your area.

    You can buy the album at www.myspace.com/aeonofhorus