Monday, December 29, 2008

Eternal Darkness - Total Darkness (2006)

1. Intro
2. Ceremony of Doom
3. Zombie Feast
4. Paradise of Eternal Darkness
5. Intro
6. Suffering
7. Serve and Obey
8. Ancient Ones
9. Psychopath
10. Doomed
11. Ceremony of Doom
12. Psychopath
13. Despair
14. Twilight in the Wilderness
15. That Day Will Come
16. A Pleasant Surprise
17. The Island (Of Fear)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Doom Metal

" Tracks one through four are from the Ceremony of Doom demo (1991) (trackthree is number four on the vinyl). Five through eight are from theSuffering demo (1991) (track seven is fifth on the vinyl). Nine and 10(one and two on vinyl) are from the Doomed single (1992). Track 11 (threeon vinyl) is previously unreleased. Twelve through 17 (six through 11 on vinyl)are from the unreleased Twilight in the Wilderness album (recorded inAugust 1992) "

" Eternal Darkness are an exceedingly good Swedish death/doom band that were tragically overlooked in the early 90s, and Total Death, their discography CD that was released in 2006, went pretty much unnoticed as well. On this single disc you will find their first couple of demos originally released on cassette, a vinyl single, an unreleased track, and a short album that never saw the light of day "

" Musically, you can expect similar severely downcast, despondent plodding taking place but in an old fashioned Swedish/Finnish death metal context. It doesn't remain slow-paced throughout as it tends to pick up speed, taking lurching mid-paced strides to robust drum beats, but invariably reverting to what it seems most comfortable doing – playing rich, gloomy and , despair-ridden tunes in the safety of thick, suffocating darkness. By constantly providing variations, they don't allow their speed handicap to turn their music into a one-dimensional drab affair. Switching from Hellhammer/Winter vibe to something that sounds as if lifted from an Autopsy album, Eternal Darkness also employ the highly effective Scandinavian harmonies and melodic breaks that evoke pity rather than inspire hope. The intro/opening songs in particular are most apt to do that, sometimes using keyboards to achieve the effect "

" Not only are Eternal Darkness one of the earliest bands playing in this style, but they are also convincing and fucking good at it. Playing a superb blend of dread-inducing doom and old Scandinavian death metal with a palpable, dark and eerie atmosphere....All in all, an essential release.....

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