Thursday, December 4, 2008

Merciless - The Awakening (1990)

1. Pure Hate
2. Souls of the Dead
3. The Awakening
4. Dreadful Fate
5. Realm of the Dark
6. Dying World
7. Bestial Death
8. Denied Birth

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" The first release on Deathlike Silence Productions run by Mayhem guitarist Euronymous, "The Awakening" is all of the power of 1980s thrashing speed metal with the darkest heart and clearest language of blackness to be found at the time. Masters of mood and darkened chaotic riff lexicon unleashing, Merciless wrought a classic from the raw elements of a deluge to come "

" High on the noxious fumes of the Possessed, early Death ('Denied Birth' in particular could easily have sat comfortably on 'Scream Bloody Gore'), early Sodom and huge swathes of embryonic Slayer, Merciless rarely take their foot off of your throat for the entire album (apart from to internalize your nose with a sledgehammer like blow with punchy, Slayer-esque dark harmonies, which lead directly back into the mosh-friendly, neck-achingly turbulent riffage). High paced, frenetic death/thrash is the order of the day, and my... if you can listen to this without at least banging that head at least once, well, there must be something wrong with you. All in all, this album is steeped in a life-affirming old school nature, which just can't be touched. When this aforementioned feeling is coupled with some of the most lethal riffs ever to have been struck from a Swedish guitar, you know you're in for some proper metal insanity......"

Truly One of the all-time classics....A band that many over-looked....

Swedish Power !.....Get It!

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