Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paganizer - Carnage Junkie (2008)

1. Death plain and simple
2. Among the unknowing dead
3. Alone in the morgue
4. Blunt blade surgery
5. Just here rotting
6. Grinded and exiled
7. Heal not your wounds
8. Carnage junkie
9. Sweet decay
10. Mummified alive
11. The rope tightens
12. The cadaverous
13. Massdeath maniac (bonus track)
14. Born to be buried alive (bonus track)
15. The morbidly obscene (bonus track)
16. Army of maggots (bonus track)
17. The festering of sores (bonus track)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Well.....This album had been rumored to come out for a fucking year already !
And Here it finally is....Guess paganizer and or record co. felt bad...because they have given us junkies 5 bonus tracks as well ! "

" People...Roger "Rogga" Johansson is so busy writing Death Metal its a wonder he has time for anything else...Truly Prolific ! And This album slays just like most of the records he has put out...Crushing Swedish Fucking Death Metal !....Played in the old way...With a bit more of a modern production "

"This kinda shit never gets old to me.....And never gets boring...When riffs come crashing down in the middle of certain tracks...It makes me remember the first time I heard the Nihilist Demos and Then Entombed,Grave,Dismember ........."

Enjoy this brutally honest piece of art !

O.K. Sinners !.......Get It!

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