Friday, December 19, 2008

Legion of the Damned - Cult of the Dead (2008)

1. Sermon of Sacrilege
2. Cult of the Dead
3. Pray & Suffer
4. House of Possession
5. Black Templar
6. Necrosophic Blessing
7. Solar Overlord
8. Enslaver of Souls
9. Lucifer Saviour
10. Black Wings of Yog-Sothoth
11. The Final Godsend

12. Werewolf Corpse
13. Deaths Head March
14. Demonfist
15. Taste Of The Whip
16. Into The Eye Of The Storm
17. Killing For Recreation
18. Malevolent Rapture
19. Bleed For Me
20. Legion Of The Damned

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Thrash Metal

" So Here it is the 4th full length from the dutch thrashers "

" Tracks 12-20 are live tracks...."

" This band is being hyped as the next big thing !........I am not sure about that, But they do make some god-damn catchy thrash metal....What to expect? Well, nothing new, really, just better than the last stuff they did. On Cult Of The Dead you will find a load of extremely fast parts that have been put together as tight as hell "

" The raw edges of thrash metal are still present in the sound. The guitars do not slide but they tear. This album is recorded in just three weeks, thus this product may be considered an achievement of great order.....Catchy rhythms and typical pounding thrash parts make this album addictive. But that is not the only reason; the songs consist of multiple layers. Every turn, new facts and items appear, underlining the fact these guys are craftsmen. Considering this, it is not that this is a tame album. It is as brutal as the previous albums, but the songs are slightly more complicated and sophisticated "

Not a perfect album by any sense of the word......But it will keep the thrashers out there happy !

N.F.V.O.A. !..........Get It!

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