Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eucharist - A Velvet Creation (1993)

1. Greeting Immortality
2. The Religion of Blood-Red Velvet
3. March of Insurrection
4. My Bleeding Tears
5. Floating
6. A Velvet Creation
7. Into the Cosmic Sphere
8. Once My Eye Moved Mountains
9. Wounded and Alone (Bonus Track)
10. The Predictable End (Bonus Track)
11. The View (Bonus Track)

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" With "A Velvet Creation", Eucharist create unusually eerie and ominous death metal with a great sense of melody and rhythm. The album possesses a sense of swirling colours, due to its chaotic structure both vertically and horizontally "

" The harmonic interplay between the guitars is frankly awesome - in that respect the band is almost unrivaled. The bass adds real depth to the melodies, and sounds somewhat jazzy at times (in a good way). Eucharist are clearly technically superb, and although the drum-production leaves a bit to be desired (the snare sounds a bit too 'slappy'), the drumming itself is excellent - giving the recording life while not being too 'showy'. I'd also like to praise the acoustic intro to "Greeting Immortality", which I find to be very beautiful and apt. The vocals are generally fitting high-pitched growls "

" Truly one of my favorites from the era......And if it had a big production...could have been a monster ! This version has all the bonus tracks that Eucharist did for samplers and compilations added by me "

Enjoy a brilliant piece of music from a largely unknown and under appreciated band !

Merry Christmas !..........Go Ahead !
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