Friday, December 5, 2008

Yyrkoon - Dying Sun (2002)

1. Idols Are Burning
2. Crystal Light
3. Flight of the Titan
4. The Clans
5. Thrash 'em All
6. Gods Of Silver
7. Stolen Souls
8. Screamer
9. Back To The Cave
10. Dying Sun

Origin - France
Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" This band started out as a death-metal band directed towards the melodic scene, this band comes from France and was created in 1995. This band is called Yykoon, but this band is not like other extreme-metal bands, these guys has changed their sound from album to album and sometimes the changes has been pretty radical. The band mixes music styles like black, death and thrash-metal, and with these genres forged into one they have come a long way in their career. They also use dual vocal styles, one calm and melodic voice and a deep growling vocal style, this combination turns out to be very lethal with their melodic, heavy and catchy sound "

" Dying Sun is much more “metal” than the predecessor (Oniric Transition). The guitars improved dramatically, both in soloing and riff work. This time around, I feel everything I need is here and being executed with taste and accuracy. The lead work is excellent, being melodic, well structured and memorable. As for the riffs, the band finally started showing their ability to write some fresh stuff mixing up some the heaviness and melody"

" This album appears to have a platform of some sort of thrash and progressive-metal foundation, and on top of that there is a death and black-metal based construction. The album contains alot of melodic moments, heavy and catchy thrash-based formulas....Again..Alot of clean choruses ,but they are done well...and the growling is ok "

Check this release out -- or risk dying in ignorance......

A Quest for Blood !........Go Ahead !

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  1. Great post. I always thought this band was consistently good.

    Too bad they broke up.