Sunday, December 7, 2008

De Lirium's Order - Diagnosis (2007)

1. Diagnosis: Deranged
2. Extermination Network
3. Ad Infinitum
4. Panzram
5. Drowned in the World of Delirium
6. Ebola Instinct
7. To Walk with the Dead
8. Thy Flesh Consumed
9. Abducted
10. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover)

Origin - Finland

Style - Death/Thrash Metal

" This is the third and latest release from of this heavy and high quality death-thrash band"

" I got to say that this is some good shit with a great recording sound and technical, brutal and melodic compositions....All that and loads of death-thrash creations with up-tempo to blast beats and slower kind of melodic deathmetal "

" The solos are well done and even a cracking cover of Carcass's ' Incarnated Solvent Abuse ' is in here and is quite good....So if you are into some solid Death/Thrash...Check these guys out !

Go Ahead !....Get It!


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