Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nominon - Terra Necrosis (2007)

01 Release in death
02 Arcanum
03 Black chapel
04 Ebola
05 Among the beasts & ancient slumber
06 Life Extinct
07 Tabula Rasa
08 Hell above
09 Bane Appetite
10 The infernal voyage

Origin - Sweden
Style - Death Metal

" Swedish Deathmetal bands have always been in the top of the old-school Deathmetal scene. Bans like Dismember, Entombed and Unleashed are supposed to be known by any self-respecting Deathmetal fan. Although many mouths whisper that the old-school Deathmetal scene is being taken over by the youngsters with their experimental forms of Deathmetal, it has constantly been proven that the old-school underground Deathmetal scene is alive, kicking and growing. Nominon, who are also from Sweden, are one of those living examples. Dating since the beginning of the 90’s, Nominon has been paving the road for almost two decades now..."

" This is their latest full length...And what a crusher it is !... The old-school fans will definitely enjoy this release because it holds both the brutality seen in the newer bands and the fast parts excellent for the best mosh-pits "

" Fans of the various bands given above should definitely try to get their hands on this album because they will certainly see that this is a valuable addition to their collection......"

Go Ahead!....Get It!

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