Thursday, December 18, 2008

Decomposed - Hope Finally Died... (1993)

1. Inscriptions
2. Taste The Dying
3. Falling Apart
4. At Rest
5. Instrumental
6. Procession (Of The Undertakers)
7. (Forever) Lying In State

Origin - United Kingdom
Style - Doom/Death Metal

" One and only full length from Croydons own Decomposed "

" Doom/Death Metal started as Death Metal slowed down and given a different sound and feel...Such bands as Winter played a big part in this fusion of styles...Later Anathema,Katatonia,My Dying Bride Etc. made this style more prominent and popular. Decomposed were a short-lived band from the early 90s, and belong to the transient stage of death/doom, before the aforementioned evolution had been completed; in this respect, they are very much still a death metal band "

" As a death metal album, Hope Finally Dies… is excellent; it remains constantly inventive, not once stagnating or becoming repetitive. Its blend of solid death metal riffing and down-tempo face pummeling is fantastic; a hint of melody is apparent in the doom-inspired sections, but this does not in any way detract from the album’s forcefulness. Lead guitars are very prominent, in stark contrast to the usual doom aesthetic, but Decomposed pull it off with a strong sense of grace and finesse, as can be seen on ‘At Rest’. The solos are very cohesive with the album’s sound, and are not overplayed – the guitarist is seemingly modest, opting out of mindless wankery and avoiding the slippery slope of intangible clutter. What results is an album that is played from the heart and not from the head "

A Forgotten Classic.......Highly recommended !

Doom Or Death ?.......Who Cares !
Get It!......Here

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