Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suicidal Angels - Armies Of Hell (ep) 2006

01. Crematory
02. Slaughtering Christianity
03. Armies of Hell
04. Screams of Homicide

Origin - Greece
Style - Thrash Metal

" Old-School Thrash metal is what Suicidal Angels is all about on this their 2006 release 'Armies Of Hell' "

" Suicidal Angels starts an intense thrashing in the first song titled "Crematory", and a listener is thrown straight to the ´80s period of Thrash Metal where bands from Slayer to Kreator ruled these most savage and merciless musical territories of this particular genre. Everything in "Crematory" reeks from some of the best moments that were churned out and captured in the 80s´ era of Thrash Metal. Angry, untamed, straight-to-the-face Thrash with killer riffs, catchy hooks spiced with perfectly fitting, aggressive vocals! "

Cant wait for their 2nd full-length sometime in 2009.....

The Power Of Thrash !........Get It!

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