Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deformity - Repulsions of War (Demo) (1992)

1. In Fear
2. Into Darkness
3. Psychologic Death
4. Repulsions of War
5. The End

Origin - Sweden

Style - Death Metal

" Deformity was a Swedish death metal band that formed in early 1991. In September they entered the Twilight Studio to record their first three song demo which contained the songs "The Way I Feel", "Shit For Brains" and "Death Stands Before Me". In February 1992 they returned to the same studio to record their second demo which contained the four songs "In Fear", "Into Darkness", "Psychologic Death" and "Repulsions Of War". In the summer of 1992 they recruited a new guitarist named Harry Virtanen since their original guitarist Kenny had left the band a few weeks before the recording of the second demo. In August they entered the Rolling Rock studio to record a third demo entitled "Sickly Obsessed" with six songs on it. The response to it was very good from both fanzines and fans all over the world. They continued writing lots of new material and also recorded two songs for compilation albums ("Sometimes Death Is Better" from Shiver Records and "Dark Frost" from Hellfire Records). In 1994 they recorded a promo with more doomy material than before. The band probably broke up some time after that "

" This is the 2nd demo of old-school death metal with some melodies...."

This band was never signed..But Still are part of ancient history !.....Enjoy...

Knights Of The Old-Code !

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