Sunday, November 2, 2008

Uoknal - This Is Ultraviolence (2008)

01. Back To Dust
02. Now Glorious
03. Death Control
04. Social Decapitation
05. Barrels Of Blood
06. Have No Fear
07. Haunted
08. Prisoners We Are
09. The End Of Days

Origin - France
Style - Black/Death Metal

" Having just recieved this album...I looked around for some info on these guys...and not much can be found...Uoknal are from france and play a brand of blackened/death metal..with more leaning on death metal "

" This is their debut..And I can tell you, I for one Like it!....Intense rifforama and dual vocals in every track (Low gutteral,Higher scream)and a top-notch production make for a fine debut.....You have some damn catchy riffs in here.!

Fans of Belphegor,Behemoth ect.......Take A Listen...

My Space!.....My Ass !

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  1. Behemoth beïng one of my favorite bands, so let's give it a try! Thnx DD!