Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blood Red Throne - A Taste For Blood (2002) E.P.

1. Ravenous War Machine
2. The Children Shall Endure...
3. Mary Whispers of Death
4. Monument of Death
5. Cryptic Realms (Massacre cover)
6. Malignant Nothingness

Origin - Norway
Style - Death Metal

" Blood Red Throne openly admits they never set out to change the world of metal, they just want to play music like that of the bands that had influence on them; those bands being mostly early 90's death metal like Death, Obituary, Carcass, and Deicide "

" Tchort (of Emperor and Satyricon fame) and Død do an awesome job on the guitars. There are some sweet grooves in here, added to brutal riffs and some really cool note based riffs. Some of my favorite guitar work is found in Blood Red Throne's first track, Ravenous War Machine. The EP showcases the vokills of former Blood Red Throne singers Ronni Thorsen and Mr. Hustler. Their vokills are pretty close to each other, the standard brutal death growl. The lyrics are pretty cool, which isn't too much of a surprise considering Tchort wrote them (although the song Cryptic Realms was not written by him). Blood Red Throne showcases Tchort's expansive musicianship. The guy has done black metal, death metal and doom metal and he does a good job at all of them. The production is pretty solid throughout despite the fact that the material is taken from four different recordings "

" They're nothing ground breaking but they plain and simple kick ass ! "

Ahhh...Go Ahead !

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