Saturday, November 22, 2008

October Tide - Rain Without End (1997) Remastered (2008)

1. 12 Days of Rain
2. Ephemeral
3. All Painted Cold
4. Sightless
5. Losing Tomorrow
6. Blue Gallery
7. Infinite Submission

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Doom / Death Metal

" OCTOBER TIDE was a side project formed by two members of KATATONIA with their style not at all far removed from that fine group. Melancholic, sorrowful mid-paced metal, with death vocals laid over the top. Jonas Renske performed the vocals on 'Rain Without End' like he did on all early KATATONIA albums, intense, deep and very atmospherical. It was his last harsh vocal performance. The OCTOBER TIDE line-up during ’Rain Without End’ was: Fredrik Norrman: Electric, acoustic and bass guitars and Jonas Renske: Drums, electric and acoustic guitars and all vocals. Recorded at Unisound, Örebro, Sweden 1995, re-mastered by Dan Swanö Winter 2007- 2008 "

" For those of you that missed the original....Get This now !

Truly one of the best re-leases of its kind !

To Die From Strength !........Get It!

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