Monday, November 10, 2008

Devian - God To The Illfated (2008)

1. Mask Of Virtue
2. Assailant
3. The Unspoken
4. Saintbleeder
5. I'm The Pariah
6. God To The Illfated
7. Summerdeath
8. South Of Halo
9. Awaiting Doom
10. When The Vultures Have Left

Origin - Sweden
Style - Black/Death/Thrash Metal

" 2nd blistering album from Legion & Emil of Marduk fame "

" This time Devian enlisted Peter TÃĪgtgren of Hypocrisy for help with the album and you can hear some definite Hypocrisy influences...But this record combines Black metal overtones with Death/Thrash Riffing and Legion's Snarling vocals "

You will want this !........Trust Me......

Rest In Pain !.....Or ?

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