Monday, November 17, 2008

Tankard - Thirst (2008)

1. Octane Warriors
2. Deposit Pirates
3. Stay Thirsty!
4. Hyperthermia
5. Echoes Of Fear
6. When Daddy Comes To Play
7. Zodiac Man
8. G.A.L.O.W.
9. Myevilfart
10. Sexy Feet Under

Origin - Germany
Style - Thrash Metal

" Lucky #13...as in 13th full length from the german beer lords "

" You know what to expect....Consistent thrash with humor and just plain fun..Well produced...Well played...always funny.."

What more do you need ?......After 26 years of doing it...Some of the young bands out there could take a lesson....

Mehr Bier bitte!

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