Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Torture Squad - Pandemonium (2003)

1. Intro
2. Horror and Torture
3. Towers on Fire
4. World of Misery
5. Leather Apron
6. Out of Control
7. Pandemonium
8. Requiem for the Headless Rider
9. The Curse of the Sleepy Hollow

Origin - Brazil
Style - Thrash/Death Metal

" Torture Squad have been annihilating the Brazilian metal scene for over 15 years now, playing visceral and powerful death/thrash metal...And with this years "Hellbound" album they have certainly made a name for themselves worldwide "

" Pandemonium is the 4th full length from Torture Squad...I think this is when they started to recieve attention from the metal scene because....This album kills !
This is a brutal blend of Thash riffing with some death overtones and the blackish vocals all supported by a crispy production "

" Every track is Thrashtastic and their hybrid of Death/Thrash should be taken into consideration by every So called modern thrash band !

If you miss the Thrash scene in the eighties, or are just starting to find your roots in the sub-genre, then this is highly recommended, as you’ll struggle to find a modern Thrash album with so many damn crushing riffs…...Buy Or Die !

Absolutely obscene !.........Get It!

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