Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trauma - Suffocated In Slumber (2000)

1. A Gruesome Display
2. Unable To React
3. Suffocated In Slumber
4. A Deep Scar
5. Swallow The Murder
6. Words Of Hate
7. Tools Of Mutual Harm
8. Dust (Kill Me)
9. ...Bloodshot Eyes

Origin - Poland
Style - Death Metal

" Brilliant 3rd album of Death Metal that benefits greatly from flawless production and technically adept musicanship. Brutal, but complex song structures. One of the oldest and greatest Death Metal bands Poland has ever known "

" Severely under-rated....but easily in the same league as Vader,Decapitated etc."

" Fast and really aggressive Death Metal, allways on the highest technical level is what you can hear on Suffocated In Slumber "

This band deserves wider recognition !

Polish War Machine !

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