Sunday, November 23, 2008

Havok - Apathy Esplanade e.p. (2008)

1. As The Clouds Gain Momentum
2. A Pyrrhic Victory for Humanity
3. Paramount
4. Monologue With The Sky
5. Century Of The Deviant
6. Stormfeed

Origin - Sweden

Style - Death Metal

" Havok began in the year of 2003, when guitarists Mahan Ahmadi and Miguel Cabrera founded the technical thrash/death metal outfit Ecliptica, in the southern swedish city of Lund. With a loosely knit formation, they recorded a couple of songs. During the winter of 2004, they were on the hunt for a new drummer, and conveniently found Johan Cronqvist, who had recently immigrated from the town of Halmstad. With him came the change of band name, turning the music towards a more brutal, chaotic death metal sound, yet still with remnants from the thrash days "

" Now on to this six song e.p........After a deceivingly serene flamenco styled acoustic intro Havok unleashes indeed what its name implies with its Polish oriented technical death metal. This sounds as a catchy mix between Malta's Beheaded, France's Gojira and Poland's Decapitated. Where most acts of this ilk concentrate on being the most brutal or fastest Havok does things a little differently. They include besides the earlier mentioned acoustic intro also a soothing piano piece ('Monologue With the Sky') in the middle of the EP which alternates beautifully with its contents. Much like their peers in Kronos or Inveracity this act masters their instruments exceptionally well and their songwriting craft is also quite mature given the act's relatively young age"

" I detect a touch of Anata in their progressions of the tracks and that feel of uncertainty of whats next.....These youngsters are about to unleash their debut full length early in 2009 and I am looking forward to see what this band will bring to all of us !

"Apathy Esplanade" is definitely not the most typical Swedish death metal release and as such it comes highly recommended for those looking for something more adventurous...........

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