Friday, November 14, 2008

Jigsore Terror - World End Carnage (2004)

1. Gorging On Exposed Arteries
2. Skeletal Decomposition
3. Slaughtered Existence
4. Death Rattle Cacaphony
5. Senseless Slaughter
6. Rotten Heads
7. Reeking Death
8. Insane Torture
9. Scattered Cranial Remains
10. Violent Molestation
11. Corpses On Fire
12. Feast of Dismembered Limbs
13. Brutally Murdered
14. Bestial Frenzy
15. World End Carnage

Origin - Sweden
Style - Grindcore / Death Metal

" Jigsore Terror was created by its members because they wanted to play some kind of old-school death/grind in the veins of the early, brutal bands like Repulsion, Death, and Terrorizer "

" The band consits out of some Birdflesh members, and that proffesionalism is definitely audible throughout the whole album. The main goal for the musicians is pretty clear from the very start as they are not set up to break speed limits or to add anything extra to the scene, they are clearly aiming for a solid old school kind of grindcore. They are throwing Repulsion alike arrangements all over the place all the time and this wink to the glorious past of the grindcore scene makes the band one to embrace rather warm. Simply because not many bands come that close to the original set up for this genre, fans of the earliest grindcore bands like Terrorizer and Napalm Death will be surprised by the quality of these Swedes "

" Grooving like hell and with a lot of variation throughout the whole album makes this a special one and enjoyable for death metal fans as well. I wouldn't call this easy-listening grindcore, yet I think this is the kind of grindcore that doesn't demand a lot of scene fanaticism. That typical 80's swing that they have is definitely a thing that makes their music accessible for most listeners. It includes all that makes an album like this successful: killer grooves, enough tempo changes, short songs, catchiness, short screaming solo's and frantic vocals. Even the moshparts are of a killer level, too bad they last for just a few seconds each time. Yet, with a great and crystal clear production by late Mieszko from Nasum the band prevents themselves from sounding rather droll or stale "

All in all a must-have album for every grindcore freak without any doubt!

Jigsaw Indeed !...........Go Ahead !

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