Sunday, November 9, 2008

Exmortem - Funeral Phantoms (2008)

1. Black Opium
2. Souls of Tyrants
3. Fixed in Slime
4. Funeral Phantom
5. The Vultures Gather
6. Anger Trumpet Blow
7. Salvation
8. For the Grave of History
9. Slow Death Regimes
10. View to a Death in the Morning

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Absolutely agonizing Death Metal from the Danish masters of low-tuned sorrow. Funeral Phantoms manages to create a fresh new sound in the often stale Death Metal genre with a relentless, grinding style that seems to suck the air from the room "

" With "Funeral Phantoms", Exmortem changes their style of music drastically. Gone are the frenzied break-neck speed assaults, at least on the surface. Taking a full 180 degree turn, Exmortem now treats us to music that hauls itself along at an almost absurdly slow pace creating an aura of such dismal despair that one can’t help but feel utterly crushed by the relentless death metal. The music is characterised by the chugging guitars, which create a wall of sound and don't allow speed to enter the songs but in very small doses. Intricate riffs and signature changes make the songs avoid getting monotonous, in fact make them hauntingly interesting - each of the tracks is different from the others, but all share the same feeling of hopelessness and human despair "

" The production is thick, dark and ugly....Exmortem (2008) is darker than at any point before and I have no doubt that their slow, grinding and eerie death metal will earn them a lot of praise "

Recommended !

Grime Metal !......Get It!

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