Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sympathy - Anagogic Tyranny (2008)

1. Insurrection
2. And All Flesh
3. On a Bloodied Cross
4. Ours the Grave
5. Perfection in Death
6. Enslaved by Depravity
7. Underworld
8. Forgotten Temples
9. The Iscariot Aspect: Fides Quarens Intellectum
10. Potter’s Field:Hic Occultus Occulto Occisus Est

Origin - Canada
Style - Technical Death Metal

" Sympathy returns with a third full length full of Technicality and Brutality "

" Essentially a one man project up until now...Composer and Guitar/Vocals master Dharok has added Jeff Lewis(Abolishment of Hate, Mortification) and Jim Austin (Into Eternity) on drums. As a result, Anagogic Tyranny is the band's most cohesive sounding album yet "

" Dharok takes his trademark mix of aggressive thrash, technical brutal death, and harsh black, and ups the ante with songs that take his sound to an entirely different plain. The compositions are more complex, the playing more technical (featuring some of the fastest playing Sympathy has ever performed), and the songs are unpredictable, as elements of black, death, thrash, doom, and orchestral elements are melded together.....The wicked guitar solos are sprinkled through-out and are very Necrophagist in speed and technique "

Folks...This is a twisting...turning...technical album of the highest order with ripping solos and symphonic over-tones....A great release !

For fan's of Spawn Of Possession,Necrophagist etc.

Death of the Immortals !............Get It!

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