Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dead Head - Kill Division (1999)

1. Kill Division
2. Cold Being
3. Waste of Skin
4. Six
5. Mahler
6. Sprayed Into Oblivion
7. Wings on Fire
8. Where Silence Dwells
9. The Hustler
10. Until the Sun Appears
11. Souls of Ice
12. Heavy Metal Thunder (Saxon cover)

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Thrash Metal

" Holland quartet Dead Head developed near the tail end of the big original movement in 1989, releasing a series of demos and three albums over the course of the next 10 years. "Kill Division" would be their third release in 1999 "

" Dead Head prefer the super sonic melt your face off approach to thrash- the one that makes fingers bleed on guitar strings and drum heads, as well as insuring buckets of sweat and possible limb damage from the crowd. Reference points would include Sadus, Kreator and early Dark Angel- with bassist Tom Van Dijk doubling on the vocals with a razor gurgling affinity for Mille in tracks like "Cold Being", "Sprayed Into Oblivion" and "Wings On Fire"

" It’s a shame this act isn’t considered in the same breath as the aforementioned groups, because they certainly have the ability, talent and songwriting skills to be in the upper speed death/thrash echelon.....Lost But Not Forgotten !

Killer !.......Thrash !

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