Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Faceless - Planetary Duality (2008)

1. Prison Born
2. The Ancient Covenant
3. Shape Shifters
4. Coldly Calculated Design
5. Xeno Christ
6. Sons of Belial
7. Legion of the Serpent
8. Planetary Duality I : Hideous Revelation
9. Planetary Duality II : A Prophecies Fruition

Origin - USA
Style - Technical Death Metal

" 2nd full length from the encino,ca crew "

" This band seems to bring out alot of various ideas of what they are....Tech,core,death,?.......People...just because a band has break-downs in their tracks does not make them core....This is technical death metal in my opinion....Full-on growling vocals and dizzying guitar passages....might be over the top to some...but its not that different than Necophagia, or Spawn Of Possession...Ok its not the same...but you get the idea "

" The Faceless may be frowned upon by some death metal purists because they are young and dont look the part....But Indeed they are Death Metal and looking to go places !

Tech Fans....Grab this !

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