Sunday, November 23, 2008

Severe Torture - Misanthropic Carnage (2002)

1. Mutilation Of The Flesh
2. Meant To Suffer
3. Carnivorous Force
4. Misanthropic Carnage
5. Blinded I Slaughter
6. Impelled To Kill
7. Castrated
8. Forever To Burn
9. Your Blood Is Mine
10. Rest In Flames (Bonus Track)
11. Pray For Nothing (Bonus Track)
12. Perverse Suffering [Cannibal Corpse cover]

Origin - Netherlands

Style - Brutal Death Metal

" I respect Severe Torture because they come straight out and say "This is the kind of music we like, the kind we've always liked, and the kind we'll always play. We love Cannibal Corpse, and they inspire us greatly. If you don't like it, we don't care." Misanthropic Carnage continues the blazing guttural death tradition w/ no compromise whatsoever. Hardly Cannibal Clones, they take basic concepts from Tomb of the Mutilated and The Bleeding and build on that w/ excellent death grooves and notey as hell guitar lines that break out the air tremlo every time "

" Misanthropic Carnage is as solid and almost as tight as it gets for speedy pit inducing death metal. Quality no-holds-barred death metal worth the money for hard-headed death & brutal death fiends "

This is the Re-Mastered version with Bonus tracks..........

Butchery Of The Soul !.......Get It!


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