Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fleshkraft - First Harvest (2008)

1. Hate Red
2. Breath Control
3. Deathcold
4. Sworn to Burn
5. Insane Bloodlust
6. Stiff
7. Bred Undead
8. Beyond the Sight of Gods
9. Terminal Treatment
10. In the Grip of Insanity
11. Dominance Through Depravity

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" Fleshkraft from (Tampere)Finland....Debut album of crushing death metal...done with a nod to the likes of Morbid Angel,Vader,Cannibal Corpse"

" What you get is....11 tracks of 3 minute or so long death metal done with no frills, nary a solo in sight, just crushing riffs and deep vocals...all done with a spot on production "

Fleshkraft have joined the many bands nowadays putting out their work for free!

Hails to Fleshkraft for letting all of us hear this album....Now support these guys anyway you can.....

I added a video for the track" Bred Undead" in the rar folder....As it is bad-ass !

Reign of Insanity !........Get It!

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