Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nominon - Remnants of a Diabolical History (2006)

1. Blaspheming the Dead
2. Invocations
3. Live for Violence (Voivod cover)
4. Cemetery of Life
5. Servants of the Moonlight
6. Diabolical Bloodshed
7. Spit on Your Grave (Whiplash cover)
8. Blessed by Fire
9. Genocide
10. Decomposed (Repulsion cover)
11. Sodom's Fall

" Compilation of unreleased tracks that had never been on cd format"

" Nominon assaults our ears with ferocious old school Death Metal, heavily down-tuned brutality with a lot of weight and some groove. There are no “nice” solos, no harmonies and no fucking pussy, weak half-growls in their music. Only brutal and aggressive death metal.... distinctly Swedish "

" There are covers of classic songs by Voivod, Whiplash and Repulsion here which should be more than enough to please the old school thrashers among you !

Go Ahead !.....Get It!

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