Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crocell - The God We Drowned (2008)

01. Behind the Veil
02. Apotheosis
03. Winter is Coming
04. The God We Drowned
05. Death Knell
06. The Chosen
07. The Culling
08. We Are the Dead
09. Words of Woe
10. The New Blood
11. To Those That I Shall Kill

Origin - Denmark
Style - Death Metal

" Crocell, the new Danish death metal band featuring current and former members of Compos Mentis, Adversary, Slugs, Demolition Inc. and Mare Crisium...Unleash their debut album "

" This album boasts "a massive old-school sound that fits the thrashy death metal songs perfectly." The album cover is a sinister painting made by the young and promising Danish artist Anders Davidsen.....I like it !.....Nice and evil...."

Go Ahead !.....Try It Out!

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