Monday, September 8, 2008

Zonaria - The Cancer Empire (2008)

1. Slaughter is Passion
2. Praise the Eradication
3. Crowning King Cancer
4. Contra Mundum
5. Termination Process
6. At War with the Inferior
7. From the Abysmal Womb
8. Damnation Dressed in Flesh
9. Humanity Vs Sanity
10. The Icon and the Faceless

Origin - Sweden
Style - Melodic Black/Death Metal

" 2nd full length from these young swede's"

Sorry No Artwork yet.......Century Media signed them and is hailing them as the new Swedish Death Metal sensation.....Recorded at Studio Fredman(In Flames,Arch Enemy,Dimmu Borgir)....We'll see about that..........

Opinions?........Get It!


  1. its fucking awsome!!!

  2. Wow this cd is really fucking good. I dunno what else to say, other then ive been looking for a emperor type band to come out and well this band is it. Production is great, music is black/death and the vocals are just right. This cd and "Infamy And The Breed" are way too good to pass by. GRAB IT AND ENJOY! \m/