Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eternal Devastation - Slaughterhouse (2006)

1. Dry Law
2. Into Christians Mind
3. Bar Maniac
4. Hunting Priest
5. Sobers Sacrifice
6. Kill The Nonalcoholic Cells
7. Buried in Blasphemies
8. M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction)

Origin - Brazil
Style - Thrash Metal

" Excellent fast-paced death/thrash metal with a classic flavour. Although having taken their name from a Destruction album, their sound is more along the lines of bands like Defleshed and Ravage. The guys thrash with gusto and conviction, producing a very fast and sharp sound, which at times threatens to fall apart, but doesn't: "Into Christian’s Mind". Every song is a gem of aggressive, speedy thrash, as the death metal elements play a secondary role here. Even the longer tracks, like "Sober’s Sacrifice" and "Hunting Priest", which closes on 6-min, are fast and relentless (this is actually the most brutal piece, with shades of death), with a short Slayer-esque slower mid-section. This is explosive uncompromising classic thrash at its best, and although the Brazilian metal scene has been producing similarly styled acts in heaps for the past few years, these guys have no reasons to worry that they will be soon forgotten, even if they don't release anything else after this one "

Highly Recommended !

De las calles del Brasil !.......... Consígalo!

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