Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flatline - Pave The Way (2008)

1. Blessed By Death
2. Generations Fall
3. Collapse
4. Dying Breed
5. Nefarious
6. The Passing
7. Deleted
8. God As My Witness
9. Worn Thin
10. Mulch

Origin - USA
Style - Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

" Flatline contains five natives from the US and these guys' name of the game is Thrash Metal music in the first place influenced by Pantera (Vulgar Display Of Power, Far Beyond Driven, Cowboys From Hell) and a strongfull Slayer touch."

" Guitar driven Melo-Thrash....now when I say Melodic...its done tastefully...not-overDone. Sweeping Acoustic guitars and melodys only in the chorus sections...otherwise..crushing Pantera Styled riffs..only heavier and damn catchy!

Vocally, Sort of a Anselmo style bark and some spoken parts...all this backed by a powerful production ! "

This one is for fans of Thrash,Pantera,With some great Melo-Deth melody....

I forgot to say that there are the kinda solo's that remind of Diamond Darrell himself !.....Great Stuff !

Salt The Wound!.........Fuckers !

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  1. why keep saying pantera its thrash when they actually create the true power metal, not that pussy bands that play hypermelodic and boring speed metal like dragon force