Sunday, September 28, 2008

Maimed - Demo #1 (1991)

1. Cranial Embalment
2. Burned
3. Engulfed In Cysts
4. Of The Dead
5. Maimed Excisions

Origin - USA
Genre - Death/Doom Metal

" Talk about a "Rare" item......Here is a band from Midlothian, Illinois that made this terrific demo in 1991 then disappeared....Never to record again"

" Maimed played a mixture of Doomy Candlemass style slow riffing with up-beat Cannibal Corpse style passages. Very cool....the track will start out crushingly slowww then kick into a fast deathly riff then gear down again. Awesome production for the period....its just a shame these guys didnt stick around to at least get a full length out !

Enjoy this piece of history........

Hey!....You!........Get It!

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