Monday, September 29, 2008

Requiem - Premier Killing League (2007)

1. Can't Afford Won't Go Forward
2. Premier Killing League
3. Isolated
4. No Means Nothing
5. From Ashes To Ashes
6. I, Terrorist
7. The System Has Failed
8. Into The Unknown
9. The Great Masquerade
10. Trapped Inside

Origin - Switzerland
Style - Death Metal

" Produced by Andy Classen, death metal producer extraordinaire, “Premier Killing League” is a fucking death metal monster, boasting an exceptionally heavy, thick production, even more so than that of “Government Denies Knowledge”, on top of layers of thick riffs, excellent tempo variations, and a thick, prominent bass. In short, this is death metal in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Blood Red Throne at its absolute finest with no fillers whatsoever. In addition, the dual vocals of the deep seated growl combined with the Mitch Harris-style backing screeches once again work extremely well on “Premier Killing League”. Throw in politically-charged, war torn lyrical content, and you have such an effective barnstormer of an album "

" This may not be completely original....Fuck it who cares!....Requiem have enough firepower to pierce through the armour of scepticism donned by today's pure death metal fans, and going by their usually combustible nature, easily blow them up along with their house out of excitement. Premier Killing League is a smashing death metal album with substance and lasting power "

World Downfall !........Get It!

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