Monday, September 22, 2008

Eternal Solstice - Horrible Within (1995)

1. Unholy Trinity D.V.
2. Culpable Homicide
3. The Ceremony Has Begun
4. Mask The Face of Death
5. One Last Vision (Prepare!)
6. By Your Command
7. T.W.I.F.T.T.T.
8. Eager For Death
9. A Wish Beyond
10. Worn With Age

Origin - Netherlands
Style - Death Metal

" Eternal Solstice's 2nd slab of brutal old school death metal simply picked up where their debut album left off. Groove monsters like "Unholy trinity D.V.", "The ceremony has begun", "One last vision" or "Eager for death" will turn your living room into a one-man moshpit in no time! In comparison to "The wish..." a bit more usage of cool lead guitar riffs is found on this new album. Ramon's vocals still sound as foul and nasty as growl's should be and the double vocals definitely add a Glenn Benton-feel "

" A really good combination of heaviness, speed, memorable riffs, great playing, and superb sound...They experiment a little bit, but generally just go for the kill, combining fast parts with Doom riffs to really create their own style "

Its been 13 years since this was released....And I am glad it was brought up ...I had not heard it for a while...but I am now snapping my neck in my office and bothering my fucking co-workers !.........Fuck em If they cant take it !

Request by Gorth

Path to Perdition !...........Get It!

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