Friday, September 19, 2008

Vomiturition - A Leftover (1995)

1. Sacred Tree The Pain
2. A Beast Revived
3. Depression
4. A Leftover
5. Head Tales
6. Unsucceeded
7. Expectations
8. Trifle
9. Improvement-Unimprovement
10. Extinction
11. Abandonment
12. Malleus Malificarum

Origin - Finland
Style - Death Metal

" The only full-length released by this cult Finnish death metal band with members of Rotten Sound, Wintersun and ...And Oceans and Cartilage "

" Vomiturition played a brand of down-tuned,Evil Death Metal bordering on Doom Metal...With bone-crushing guitars and deep hoarse vocals. Tempo is varied quite abit even within the tracks...all kept in place by the top-notch drumming of Kai Hahto(Rotten Sound)This guy kills !

For sure a cult classic in my book.......

Absurd Manslaughter!.............Get It!

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