Monday, September 1, 2008

Resurrection - Mistaken for Dead (2008)

1. Coward
2. Buried Alive
3. X-ILE
4. Perils of Burden
5. Death by Desire
6. The Deceiver
7. Ritual Slaughter
8. Thirst for Flesh
9. Unholy

Origin - USA
Style - Death Metal

" Resurrection were part of the initial Floridian flurry of death metal bands, releasing albums in that time period recorded at the world famous Morrisound studios, before splitting up in 1996......fast forward to 2005 they re-formed....2008 a new release !"

" Being a fan of their 1993 album "Embalmed Existence"...I was hoping they would retain their old-school sound?....A resounding YES is the answer....
The good thing about death metal, of course, particularly the old
school varieties, is that the quality of the music is timeless, but it's only generally the production that can let them down. Well, this is exactly what you may be expecting – quality old school death metal that sounds as good today as they would have no doubt sounded back in the day.."

" The drums, which come courtesy of Gus Rios (Ex-Malevolent Creation) are probably the stand out, being played extremely well, having a flair for the occasional blast, but generally being thrashed with great aplomb and taste. The guitars are wonderful, grinding out memorable riff after memorable riff, (as with “Death by Desire”, “X-ile”), and the bass is likewise utterly unrelenting and rock solid. Paul DeGolyer comes across as a slightly more sane but no less lethal equivalent of John Tardy, while the production is as clear and powerful as any recent death metal release"

15 years might seem a long time to wait between releasing albums, but this is a wonderfully violent album. You need it !

Request by zasam

Its Ritual Slaughter !.........Get It!

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